Decernis was founded in 2003 to respond to the challenges faced by brands and manufacturers in managing and complying with the complexities of global regulations. Decernis delivers global systems solutions and expertise to support compliance, safety, and risk management through a combination of global research, intelligent systems technology, Big Data analytics, and global expertise.

We are headquartered in Washington, DC with subsidiary and operations internationally. We have teams of developers, regulatory experts, lawyers, scientists and researchers, across the world.

Decernis’ solutions and services help retailers, distributors, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers of products in meeting the complexity, risk, and compliance of a global market.

Manufacturers and processors today face the need to ensure compliance with the regulations of every country in which they do business in order to achieve growth markets and increase speed-to-market. Many of these companies are reviewing their corporate strategy as part of an organizational transformation. Decernis delivers solutions to meet these challenges.

Decernis delivers enterprise solutions that integrate with the client’s processes, horizon scanning, supply chain management, and reference databases that provides the most complete regulatory intelligence software suite on the market covering over 90,000 global regulations in 207 countries.

Decernis has also forged partnerships with governmental agencies and other key organizations around the world order to manage the complexity and currency required to assist our clients with the compliance solutions that they require.