Decernis delivers technology-enabled global risk management solutions for product development, compliance, safety, regulatory, and market access.

Users include regulatory managers quality groups and developers, across a variety of segments including government, retailers, distributors, brands, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and law firms. Decernis also assists marketing groups in identifying and realizing opportunities. Each has different needs we help solve.

Retailers, distributors, brands, manufacturers and suppliers each have to meet complex, fast-changing market and customer demands enabling them to sell their products. Government Agencies would like to have an understanding of the global regulatory and scientific events are occurring. Service providers and law firms require tools to have access to global knowledge to better advise their clients.

Each is challenged by the increasing pace to meeting newly introduced product and chemical safety regulations and compliance requirements. This, combined with consumer demands related to health, environmental, and chemical safety, fed by a fast-growing awareness of consumers, through social media, conventional media, NGO’s, consumer advocacy, and blogs, lead to multi-dimensional issues, and therefore risks, that are increasingly difficult, but foremost cost-prohibitive, to solely handle by human resources. Therefore, Decernis’ technology solutions are needed to identify issues and support the business before they become expensive problems.