Decernis delivers technology-enabled global risk management solutions for product development, compliance, safety, regulatory, and market access.

Our vision is to bring disruptive technology to manufacturers, brands and retailers to manage global risks across their product portfolios. The challenge today is to not only meet current requirements but to anticipate and manage change to enable opportunity and avoid delay.

We believe that Decernis is strongly positioned to fill the gaps that have emerged as a result of the business transformation and downsizing strategy implemented in many companies impacting quality, safety and regulatory departments.

We also believe that using our technology, we can augment the client’s experts to become better, more effective and more efficient in meeting global challenges and to work coherently across the enterprise. In addition, our systems can enhance communication between product developers, marketers, and the C-suite, allowing faster market-access of safe products, while reducing the introduction of unsafe, non-compliant products.

We want to ensure that our clients have the solutions and services that give them speed-to-market and horizon scanning that enables them to seize opportunities as well as anticipate problems.