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FoodChain ID Acquires BCGLobal

FoodChain ID Acquires Verdant

FoodChain ID Acquires Viaware

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Breweries Scramble for CO2 Amid Shortage

A carbon dioxide shortage is causing problems for breweries and beer drinkers alike. Carbon dioxide is a key ingredient in beer making, and supplies of CO2 are short. For some beer makers the price has tripled as availability has dwindled. One of the largest gas production hubs is in Mississippi which has a natural source […]

Forever Chemicals Linked to Liver Cancer

A new study has identified a link between forever chemicals and the most common type of liver cancer. One specific type of forever chemical, perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), may have a particularly strong connection to the development of this disease. PFOS is found in thousands of manmade substances and is now found throughout the environment. […]

The new Mintec Global Market Movers Report is here

During the last months, the changes in the food supply chain have been accelerating, and have become increasingly complex. Our partner Mintec’s Food & Other Commodities Market Movements report was just released, discussing the top food and non-food commodity price movements impacting North America, Europe and the rest of the world. Download the latest report […]

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