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FoodChain ID Acquires Viaware

FoodChain ID Announces Recapitalization with Berkshire Partners

FoodChain ID Licenses Battelle: Prediction Tool to Identify and Prevent Food Fraud Risks

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FSSAI Issues Draft on Claims Made by Certain Edible Oils

FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) issued a draft regulation on claims made by certain edible oils and is seeking responses from stakeholders. The draft proposes to include claims in Schedule IIA which contains a List of Claims for Edible Vegetable Oils.  An example is safflower oil.  For safflower seed oil high-oleic acid, […]

Food Fraud Detectives At A Reasonable Cost

Low-cost oxygen isotope ratio simulation model developed: Produce from specific countries of origin, such as olive oil or walnuts from a famous region, can achieve top prices in the marketplace. Fraudulent declarations of origin are causing millions of dollars of economic harm every year. Such fraud can be detected by investigating the oxygen isotope ratio, […]

Friday’s Feature 15 October 2021

“To merely observe your culture without contributing to it seems very close to existing as a ghost.” ~~~Chuck Palahniuk~~~ Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne Posted on 15 October 2021

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