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FoodChain ID Acquires Viaware

FoodChain ID Announces Recapitalization with Berkshire Partners

FoodChain ID Licenses Battelle: Prediction Tool to Identify and Prevent Food Fraud Risks

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WHO Recommends Limit Values for Salt Content in Food

According to the World Health Organization, about 11 million deaths worldwide are due to dietary risk factors including consumption of sugar, salt, and fat. Approximately 3 million of these deaths can be attributed to excessive consumption of salt. Earlier this month, WHO recommended that personal daily salt intake should not exceed 5 grams. This limit […]

EFSA Publishes Opinion on Beta-Glucans Health Claims

Recently the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published an opinion on the substantiation of a health claim on beta-glucans from oats and / or barley and the reduction of blood pressure rise after consumption. The health claim was submitted by a global food company pursuant to Article 13 (5) of Regulation EC No. 1924/2006. The […]

Toxins Made By Mother Nature – The Seafood Edition

This report gives an overview of natural toxins passed from animal (seafood) to human, divided into algal toxins and ciguatera fish poisoning. Some of these contaminants cannot be removed or inactivated by heat or cold treatment, and in some cases it is difficult to apply preventive measures.  The report describes paralytic shellfish poison (saxitoxins), neurotoxic […]

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