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FoodChain ID Acquires Viaware

FoodChain ID Announces Recapitalization with Berkshire Partners

FoodChain ID Licenses Battelle: Prediction Tool to Identify and Prevent Food Fraud Risks

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EFSA Expands Potential for Vitamin D Fortification

Earlier this month, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) expanded the permitted categories for use of vitamin D yeast. A producer of the ingredient submitted a novel food dossier in May 2020, and EFSA has now provided a favorable opinion permitting its use in 32 additional food categories including infant formulas, cereals, condiments, vitamins, meat and […]

EFSA Conclusion on Safety of Fresh Plants Wolffia Arrhiza and Wolffia Globosa

Recently EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) offered a conclusion on the safety of marketing Wolffia arrhiza and Wolffia globosa as fresh plants.  Wolffia arrhiza, also known as water meal and Wolffia globosa, also known as duckweed, have a 25-year long history of consumption as food in some Asian countries including Thailand.  Both are inexpensive nutritious […]

An X-tra Trophy for OPSON X

A Decade of Success in the Fight against Food Fraud: The usual culprits are leading the list of seized feed and food counterfeits in the latest OPSON X Operation: alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements and grain-based products, followed by produce. In the Operation OPSON activities, Europol and Interpol join forces to combat counterfeit and fake animal feeds, […]

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