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Labelling Gin in Ireland

On June 18, 2020 the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) released new guidance on the labeling of gin and gin products in Ireland.  The focus of this guidance is to ensure correct marketing, terminology and labeling for gin and gin products as governed by Article 16 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 on general food […]

Taiwan and Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a commonly used condiment for many regional types of daily cooking. In recent years, the Taiwan FDA has identified that soy sauce products often do not meet the regulations for safety and labelling. In order to strengthen the hygiene and safety of soy sauce products, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration will […]

Cheers to Alcoholic Beverage Sales

During the pandemic, many countries have seen dramatic increases in the sale of alcoholic beverages for off premise consumption.  Even as bars and restaurants in many places were forced to close, liquor stores saw increases in the sale of alcohol to be consumed at home.  In the US, many states considered liquor stores to be […]

What’s in my Shopping Cart? Part 2

I’ve been noticing an interesting trend regarding the naming of food products.  There is an increasing number of products such as “almond milk” and “plant-based sausage” on the store shelves which may create some confusion among consumers.  In the U.S. as well as many other countries, there are standards of identity for many foods.  Standards […]

Prosecution put an End to this Cash Cow

A New Zealand food manufacturer was fined in a sulfite ground beef case from 2017/2018. Sulfites and sulfur dioxide can make meats look fresher than they truly are, and therefore are banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code also prohibits the addition of sulfites to raw meat. Not […]

Front of Pack Labelling – EU

Does the EU require Front of Pack Labelling (FOP)?  The EU on 20 May 2020, finalized the report regarding FOP.  It was decided to keep the FOP labelling concept but to remove its mandatory nature.  They agreed that FOP labelling should be left up to the Member states.  This means that there is a patchwork […]

India Moves to Restrict Regulations for Alcohol Free Beer

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a new directive for alcohol free beer under the Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages) regulations. The new clause states that alcohol free beer must carry an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) level of 0.0 which is difficult to achieve as most beers, even non-alcoholic ones, contain […]

Inspektor Meerkat: Milk And Milk Powder Fraud Investigation

It’s Inspector Meerkat with this week’s food fraud investigation. Though Food Fraud is motivated by economic factors, these incidents can have serious impacts on public health. Many are familiar with the 2008 melamine adulteration incident involving milk produced in China which led to the death of six children and left 300,000 hospitalized. According to the […]

Friday’s Feature 31 July 2020

  Have a wonderful weekend! “A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.” ~~~James Dent~~~   Posted on 31 July 2020

Vulnerability Assessment for Food Fraud Training

This one-day course will provide you with a thorough understanding of vulnerability assessment for food fraud and enable you to use techniques to better identify and mitigate risks associated to raw materials in the supply chain. Presented in conjunction with Decernis Food Fraud Database. Download our flyer for detailed information BRCGS Food Fraud Training Flyer […]

Review of Ban on Sale of Pure and Highly Concentrated Caffeine

In December 2019 Food Standards Australia New Zealand approved the prohibition of the retail sale of foods in which total caffeine is present in a concentration of 5% or more for solid or semi-solid foods or 1% or more for liquids. This prohibition became effective on December 12, 2019 and enforcement has begun. The prohibition […]

FoodChain ID Adds Nutraveris To Technical Services Business

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Nutraveris ( to the FoodChain ID family of companies. Nutraveris is headquartered in the Brittany, France region and is the leading scientific and regulatory affairs consultancy and technology provider in Europe covering the health, nutrition, and supplements markets – supporting customers to quickly achieve market approval of new products. Nutraveris’ scientific and regulatory expertise combined with their AI-based technology platforms enable customers to effectively maneuver […]

Bulgaria Passes New Food Act

Bulgaria passed its new Food Act in June so that it took effect earlier this month.  The country’s new Food Act is an overarching regulatory framework for food processing and trade and is a step towards more fully harmonizing Bulgaria’s food laws with the European Union legistlation.  The Act requires improved traceability as well as […]

China is Updating its Food Laws

China continues to update their food safety programs which includes food labeling. On December 31, 2019, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHC) released 13 national food safety standards for public comments.  Two of the most important standards being revised are GB 7718- 2011: General Rules for the Labelling of Prepackaged […]

FDA Announces Qualified Health Claim for Certain Cranberry Products

On July 21, the US Food and Drug Administration announced in a letter of enforcement discretion that it does not intent to object to certain qualified health claims regarding consuming specific cranberry products and a reduced risk of recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) in healthy women. A health claim characterizes the relationship between a substance […]

Health Warning Statements on prescribed Alcoholic Beverages

Food Standards Australia New Zealand will soon gazette mandatory changes to Alcoholic Beverages labelling that requires a “pregnancy warning mark” in the form of a pictogram and statement. Once gazetted there will be a 24month transition period. Full details of the proposal P1015 “Pregnancy warning labels on alcoholic beverages” can be found here. The changes will […]

What’s in My Shopping Cart?

Recently I have noticed that more of my favorite items have reappeared on my local store shelves. I was so happy to see my brand of toilet paper, I actually hugged it! I’ve also noticed that there are some different brands, labels and pack types. For example, I am seeing some products in different pack […]

Friday’s Feature 24 July 2020

Have a wonderful weekend! “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” ~~~Joseph Addison~~~   Posted on 24 July 2020

The Spice of Life

Approximately 60% of the world’s garlic is grown in China.  With exports from China faltering, there is a huge push for more garlic to be grown in California.  Gilroy, CA is considered the capital of the stinking rose.  Demand for California grown garlic has skyrocketed, and one regulatory benefit is fewer concerns about the pesticides […]

Food for Thought on Dietary Guidelines

The Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is now available for public comment. The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services work together to update and release the Dietary Guidelines every five years. The Scientific Report is a resource that informs the final Dietary Guidelines but note that it is not […]