Decernis and Pulp and Paper Industry Launch Solution to Standardize Information Transfer for Global Compliance in Supply Chain Management

Washington, D.C., 22 May 2018 – Decernis LLC (, the leading provider of technology and content solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management and a group of industry leaders across the value chain of the Pulp and Paper Industry announced the joint launch of the Pulp and Paper Value Chain Information System for standardizing global compliance information transfer through the Decernis Supplier Compliance Management System.

The goal of the Pulp and Paper Value Chain Information System (P&P VIS) is to gain transparency and efficiencies, and to improve communication and information exchange with a goal to ensure global compliance and safety of ingredients and products. Soliciting and providing supplier documentation in the value chain now becomes a few clicks of a button. Via reusable compliance building blocks and a standardized questionnaire, information is collected, validated, stored and shared within a central document and project management system managed by Decernis. The pulp and paper manufacturers will have access to a systematic, common workflow for material acceptance and an automatic, rule-based validation of the standardized compliance questionnaire via the Decernis Supply Chain Management system.

Sabine Vogt, Expert Product Stewardship Dispersions & Resins, BASF, said, “Suppliers to pulp and paper manufactures needed an efficient and transparent way to share important compliance and safety information along the value chain. Member companies came together to discuss and agree upon a set of harmonized requests for information flow along the Pulp & Paper value chain.” Tea Tönnov, Product Stewardship and Sustainability Specialist, Sappi Europe added, “The Pulp & Paper – Value Chain Information System developed in partnership with Decernis enables paper manufacturers to collect information from suppliers in a harmonized way, hence, increasing quality and transparency. The IT system – designed for easy and standardized up- and download – will substantially reduce time and effort for compliance and safety data collection and handling.”

Andrew (Pat) Waldo, Chief Executive Officer of Decernis noted, “I am very proud of the work we are doing with the Pulp and Paper Value Chain, because we at Decernis are strong proponents of transparency and speed to market in compliance management. Through our Supply Chain Management solution, we address the complexities of brand owners, manufacturers, converters as well as upstream raw material manufacturers so that they can work together towards a common goal of global compliance and safety.”

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