Decernis Announces the Food Fraud Resource Center and Food Fraud Quick Bites

Washington, D.C., 17 January 2019 – Decernis LLC (, the leading provider of technology and content solutions for food & beverage product and ingredient compliance, safety, and risk management, announces the Food Fraud Resource Center at Food Safety Tech and a monthly commentary called “Food Fraud Quick Bites” by Dr. Karen Everstine, Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs.

Food fraud is receiving increased attention and a growing market awareness due to major recent issues and even deaths. Not only has food fraud the potential to be a major food safety issue, it is also a crime and fast emerging risk given the complexity of global food supply chains. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) estimated a single food fraud incident results in an annual revenue reduction of 2–15%, depending upon the company’s size. Likewise, GMA also estimates food fraud costs the global food industry $10 to 15 billion annually.

The Food Fraud Quick Bites, published by Decernis’ Dr. Everstine on the FoodSafetyTech Food Fraud Resource Center, provides a short commentary on recent food fraud incidents, published papers, or approaches to evaluating food fraud risk. In the most recent post, she discusses the use of media sources for food fraud intelligence. There have always been unsubstantiated reports of food fraud that were subsequently discredited. For this reason, Decernis assigns a “weight of evidence” classification for all incidents in the Food Fraud Database to provide our assessment of the strength of the evidence.

Decernis’ food fraud expert Dr. Everstine has 15 years food protection experience, most recently focused on supporting the food industry in their efforts to ensure food authenticity and compliance with the EMA-provisions of FSMA. She is the technical lead for the Food Fraud Database. She has previously held both research-based and applied roles in academia, government, and non-profit organizations.

Decernis’ tools, knowledge systems, and structured databases enable the management of risks related to safety, compliance, customer requirements, and recalls. The ability to access industry specific requirements and information is essential for effective product risk management. Through the Decernis solutions and expertise, customers are provided fast and cost-effective risk assessments, knowledge and information allowing the introduction of safe, new products into global markets.

“Reports are likely just a fraction of the true occurrence of food fraud. A holistic assessment of food fraud vulnerability should take into account a wide variety of sources of information including media reports.” stated Dr. Karen Everstine, Senior Manager, Scientific Affairs. Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Decernis LLC added: “The Food Fraud Database benefits all involved in the industry including retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers. The Food Fraud Quick Bites will provide an immediate update and perspective on recent happenings.”

Please click here to visit the Food Fraud Database and the Food Fraud Quick Bites at the Food Fraud Resource Center.


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