Decernis and SpecPage Webinars on Compliance in an ever-changing marketplace for Food and Beverage

Washington, D.C., 6 September 2017 – Decernis LLC (, the leading provider of technology and content solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management will be hosting a webinar discussing the latest trends and market drivers related to Food Safety, Speed-to-Market, Lifecycle and Regulations.


Two free FoodSafetyTech webinars scheduled for September 28, and October 5, 2017, jointly hosted with SpecPage, will provide insights to increase speed to market through fulfilling regulations and customer requirements worldwide. Regulatory, compliance, product developers and market access specialists in the food, beverage, and food packaging industry will benefit from the webinar insight shared by renowned specialists Dr. Carolyn Fisher, Christie Gray, and Kevin Kenny, Esq., of Decernis, and Amin Khatir and Milan Vacval of SpecPage.


Hot topics discussed include labeling, such as how to fulfill legal regulations regarding food labels worldwide, an overview of healthy food labels and their requirements, assurance for compliant ingredients labels from the beginning of the product development process, international nutrition fact label standards worldwide, and ensuring legal compliance automatically. In addition, this webinar will present ways to developing successful food innovations and strategies to improve the time to market of new, compliant products.


“This webinar will help food and beverage companies meet the challenge of the increasing pace of newly introduced product and safety and regulatory requirements worldwide.”, said Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Decernis LLC. “Effective tools and strategies will be discussed to efficiently fulfil regulatory and customer requirements, allowing a faster introduction of new products into new markets.”


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Decernis LLC delivers global solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management through smart technology, Intelligent Systems Technology, Big Data Analytics, and global expertise.  Our horizon scanning, enterprise solutions, supply chain management and experts in global food, consumer, and industrial product safety support our clients in meeting complex market demands and key decisions. Decernis tracks regulatory developments in more than two hundred countries on a day-by-day basis.


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