Decernis to Highlight at the NIAS and Mineral Oils in Food Contact Materials Conference

Washington, D.C., 27 March 2018 – Decernis LLC (, the leading provider of technology and content solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management will highlight global regulatory and product safety knowledge and insights at the Instituto Imballagio Italianio’s “NIAS AND MINERAL OILS IN FOOD CONTACT MATERIALS” conference on March 28-29, 2018 in Munich, Germany. Decernis will also review approaches to packaging safety during the discussion.

Ms. Susanne Kuehne, Sr. Manager Business Development, will present an “Overview of Regulations or Drafts on Mineral Oils in the Main Countries”. Highlights of her discussion will cover the regulatory measures to ensure safety associated with mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) which are potentially migrating into certain foods, like breakfast cereal, flour, semolina, rice or cocoa powder. She will also review suggested measures to regulate and control potential health risks associated with exposure to MOSH and MOAH and how to safely address consumer exposure levels.

The sessions and conference will benefit industry management with responsibilities in regulatory affairs and product safety who focus on food packaging users, producers and raw material producers, including recycled packaging materials, which is an increasingly relevant topic in today’s marketplace.

“This conference and sessions will help food and beverage packaging companies and their teams understand new and expanding regulatory and product safety requirements worldwide.” said Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Decernis. “To meet the complexity of global compliance regulations and customer requirements, Decernis provides knowledge, effective strategies and tools to efficiently fulfil these requirements, allowing the introduction of safe, new products into global markets.”


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Decernis LLC delivers global solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management through smart technology, Intelligent Systems Technology, Big Data Analytics, and global expertise.  Our horizon scanning, enterprise solutions, supply chain management and experts in global food, consumer, and industrial product safety support our clients in meeting complex market demands and key decisions. Decernis tracks regulatory developments in more than two hundred countries on a day-by-day basis.

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