Decernis to Highlight Cosmetics Compliance Through IT at CCE’s Open Academy

Washington, D.C., 2 November 2018 – Decernis LLC (, the leading provider of technology and content solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management will present on IT Technology Enabling Cosmetics Global Risk Management on November 6th at the CCE’s 2nd Open Academy, Cosmetics from Inside Out, From Latest Marketing Trends to Global Regulatory Affairs which takes place November 5-6 in Barcelona, Spain.

The cosmetics and personal care products industry is driven by the continued development of new products to meet consumer and global market demands on the backdrop of a constantly changing regulatory landscape. The ability of businesses to access industry specific regulatory requirements and information is essential for effective product development and life cycle management. Information Technology enables the effective global risk management for cosmetics manufacturers. This will result in fewer surprises during research and development, trend analysis and prediction, and identification of regulatory compliance and consumer-concern-driven areas of concern or risk.

Decernis’ technology-enabled risk management solutions help guide cosmetic brands, manufacturers and ingredient suppliers’ business objectives through a fast and cost-effective go-to-market assessment to satisfy the necessary global compliance and safety requirements.

Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Chief, Business Development and Strategy at Decernis will highlight latest information technology enabling cosmetic and personal care ingredient and product manufacturers’ global risk management through digitalization that will drive innovation efficiency. Included will be a review of how digitalization and changing demographics are impacting the industry and how integrated tools will address these complex challenges. And, how this complex, multi-dimensional value chain will require systematic compliance support, expedited change, automated solutions, and expert tools that will enable digital threads.

“Speed of change is accelerating more rapidly than ever for cosmetics companies and traditional solutions are insufficiently cost-effective and efficient.” said Dr. Ruud Overbeek. “As these companies sell to younger, more demanding generations, including Gen Z, requiring more personalized products, and thus expedited product development. Global compliance technology tools fed by expert data must be utilized to allow manufacturers to enter new markets and continue to sell into existing markets. “


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