Food Contact Compliance International Conference

Despite the restrictions imposed in the last two years by the pandemic outbreak, the regulatory activity on FCM did not slow down, and especially in Europe with the adoption of the Green Deal, the basis that have been set for several developments on the FCM legislation will change dramatically the way of doing business, not only in Europe but also elsewhere.
In Europe, a new regulation on recycled plastics in contact with food is expected soon, and the doors are opening to new recycling technologies, which will become available in the near future. Furthermore, a draft of the new EDQM Guideline for Metals and Alloys in contact with food has been published. In Asia new initiatives are spreading on plastics, ceramics and other materials; in North America the risk of PFAS is dealt with by States in a scattered fashion, leading to a complex picture; in Latin America a modernization of the positive lists for monomers, polymers and plastic additives took recently places.
The Conference aims at providing up to date information and analysis, without forgetting sustainability aspects. The Conference will be the chance to stimulate the discussion, and allow to meet experts from many different global jurisdictions. This is a unique opportunity of personal growth, networking and strengthening the relations between professionals.

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