Food Contaminants Hot Topics

Hot Topics in Food Contaminants

12/9/202010:00am EST1 hour

Heavy metals, mycotoxins, lead pigment in paprika contaminants can show up in our food supply in many places. This webinar will present an overview of recent developments in food contaminants regulations around the world, focusing on the rapidly developing area of pesticide regulations. Presenters will review various approaches to regulating pesticides with a focus on the EU and Latin American countries.
We will also provide an overview of naming conventions and discuss recent changes in regulatory requirements related to pesticides. The webinar will provide an overview of various tools that can be used to track regulations and regulatory limits, emerging issues, and alerts about pesticide residues and other contaminants.
Attendees will be equipped with up-to-date information on evolving regulations and an in-depth overview of tools that are available to help you ensure regulatory compliance and receive timely updates on emerging issues.

You will have the opportunity to ask our experts in a Q&A session.