Food is Life: The Impact of Food, Nutrition and Technology on Our Health and Wellbeing

Global Midwest Alliance invites you to a program in the Alliance’s 2020 Innovation, Growth and Globalization Industry-Focused Series. Past food industry programs have focused on food safety and policy changes, science-based opportunities, global food production and sustainability, food supply chain management, packaging innovations, reducing food waste and expanding food trade. Food is essential to life, which makes the food industry sector vital to the Midwest’s economy.

In the Information Age, the food industry faces a rapidly evolving marketplace as consumers explore the connections between food, nutrition, health and wellbeing. Moreover, technological changes and innovations offer new opportunities to create value, develop new markets and foster employment while helping people to eat in healthier ways. In addition, important issues related to food safety, consumer education and trade provide challenges and opportunities for food businesses in the pursuit of health and wellbeing for their customers.

Global Midwest Alliance will explore these themes in a stimulating program hosted by Decernis, Kerry, the Institute for Food Safety and Health, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The program will feature distinguished keynote speaker, Aaron Rudberg, Managing Director and COO of S2G Ventures. The Innovation Panel will discuss the impacts of food innovations and technology on people’s health and wellbeing, while the Growth and Global Panel will explore opportunities for businesses to expand globally as they foster healthier eating, better nutrition and wellbeing in general.

UPDATE: THE FOOD INDUSTRY PROGRAM IS GOING VIRTUAL! Join the Global Midwest Alliance and leaders from industry, government, and other organizations as we investigate the role that innovations in human health and wellness will play in the future of the food industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, service providers, and C-suite executives of packaging, food, government, agriculture, beverage, service companies, economic development specialists and other organizations. The cost to attend this industry program is $95 per person, payable at the time of registration. More information and click to register here.