gComply Plus is an enterprise-Level system providing your business intelligent and integrated “Compliance Management” solutions to manage a component or a Bill of Materials in order to compare your product formulas with regulatory and market requirements and allowable regulatory limits, globally.

gComply Plus simplifies complex global regulations into an easy-to-identify Compliance Management Dashboard providing you with an effective automated way to manage and control the compliance of your products.

gComply Plus provides a governance process to manage the development of products. It provides “what-if” analysis and can be integrated with the client’s own policies. gComply Plus is a logic-based solution that links to Decernis regulatory library to provide the authoritative source document supporting any conclusion. gComply Plus integrates with the clients own systems. It can be easily deployed as a remotely hosted system or as a module integrated with your product lifecycle management (“PLM”) system (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Siemens, SpecPage, etc.).

With gComply Plus you have the ability to:

  • Prepare an ingredient, and product level compliance analysis
  • Analyze and compare global threshold requirements for additives and contaminants
  • Author global declarations of compliance for a product, material, or ingredient
  • Manage change
  • Search for and obtain information concerning global regulatory status and requirements
  • Provide an archive of compliance data and material acceptance processes utilized to support auditing and institutional memory
  • An Enterprise-Level system, providing your business a simple, intelligent and integrated “Compliance Management” solution to compare your product formulas against requirements and allowable regulatory limits, globally.
  • Dramatically reduce product development time:
    • Red-light, green-light analysis to indicate the approval status and conditions of use of ingredients and additives worldwide; or the authorized level for contaminants in different commodities
    • Detailed compliance reports with e.g. summaries of maximum use levels by food categories; or thresholds for contaminants
    • Rule-based analysis of formulated products
    • Vendor assurance and customer & supplier management systems for ingredient acceptance planning and automated questionnaire support

gComply Plus can also synchronize with all Decernis solutions to provide you with one seamless solution to manage and control your products and supply chains.

Fast and easy access to regulatory data
Personalized compliance management dashboard
Automated data management and control

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Decernis provides translations of food contact and food packaging standards, regulations, and resolutions.