Distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers of chemical and petrochemical products face a growing challenge of tracking and managing the changing global regulatory landscape. The ability to access industry specific regulatory requirements and information is essential for effective product distribution.

With chemicals and petrochemicals including polymers used in almost every product and packaging marketed, it is important to ensure they are produced in compliance to regulatory standards. Health and regulatory requirements need to be identified and assessed at every step of the product life cycle and distribution.

Decernis works with businesses and their supply chains to ensure the products they sell meet rigorous industry standards while reducing time to market.

Decernis technology-enabled risk management solutions help guide your business objectives through the fastest go-to market and cost-effective route to satisfy the necessary global requirements.

The Decernis Scope of Chemicals & Petrochemicals includes:

    • Dangerous + Toxic Substances (CPL, REACH, GHS)
    • Import/Export (drug precursors, chemical weapons, PIC)
    • National Chemical Inventories
    • National Regulations (WGK, TA Luft, YL-Merking)
    • Workplace (occupational exposure limits)
Regulatory insight and vision
Enable market access
Increase speed to market