Recycling and Sustainability

Supplier Information System for Pulp and Paper

The Decernis Supply Chain Management solution provides you a simplified auditable automated process to collect, manage, and verify supplier compliance documentation to ensure your products meet regulatory, market, or customer requirements across your supply chain.
The Decernis supply-chain compliance management solution offers your business a workflow and process for purchasing materials and managing supplier data.
The Pulp and Paper (P&P VIS) system as part of the Decernis Supply Chain Management system allows the Supplier to proactively prepare and upload their data in a harmonized approach. The P&P-VIS system is an efficient way to share important compliance and safety information along the value chain for increased transparency and information flow.

Building Block I: Harmonized Questionnaire

The harmonized questionnaire is at the center of the approach. Paper Manufacturers and Chemical Suppliers agree on a basic set of harmonized questions and respective answers:
  • Regulatory Status
  • Food Contact Compliance
  • Ecolabel
  • P&P relevant Regulations (e.g., Printing Inks)
  • P&P Market Requirements (vegan, kosher, halal, GMO etc.)
  • Paper Industry Declarable Substance List (PIDSL)
  • Further QM specific information

Building Block II: Internet Based Software Tool

The Decernis IT-Tool allows data exchange and collection including all communication as well as documentation and searches.
  • All paper mills of a corporation have data access
  • Each mill can choose which topics they need Information on
  • No double work within a corporation
  • Suppliers upload Information for customer – fast access on product request
  • Fast response times
  • Harmonized format enables electronic processing and automation
  • Professional achieving and database querying
Fast and easy collection of supplier data
Automated data management
Verification of supplier compliance