gComply provides the current, necessary, and relevant global knowledge and regulatory library to determine the compliance status of your health and beauty products, components, materials, ingredients and/or substances.

A powerful web-based regulatory reference database providing access to over 100,000 regulations in over 200 countries and regions, allowing you to scan applicable requirements relevant to your business or products.

Using over 5 million terms across 40+ languages, gComply is updated monthly, providing you a user friendly searching and cross-referencing tool at your fingertips. Customizable with your own private library of data, documents, and customer standards.


With gComply you have the ability to:

  • Search and find applicable regulations and amendments in identified countries or regions relevant to your products
  • Search for specific criteria in particular regulations
  • Find regulatory updates or changes with ease
  • Quickly review a variety of regulations applicable to an individual ingredient or substance
  • English translations of important regulations available


Home and personal care product retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers face a growing challenge of tracking and managing the changing global regulatory landscape. The ability to access industry specific regulatory requirements and information is essential for effective product development and life cycle management.

The cosmetics module covers regulations on additives, ingredients, packaging, and standards.

Determine regulatory impact on your products
Increase speed to market
Enable market access
Turnkey compliance portal

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