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FCP (Food and Consumer Products)

The FCP module covers regulations on food additives, food contact and food packaging, food standards, animal feed, beverage standards, biological products, consumer products, cosmetics, drinking water, drugs, electronic product radiation, medical devices, oral care products, and supplements.

PS/INV (Product Safety and Inventories)

The PS/INV module contains regulations on dangerous and toxic substances, environmental, import and export, workplace, OELs, REACH, etc., as well as inventories list for Australia, Canada, China, European Union, Japan, (South) Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States.


This module covers regulations on dioxins and PCBs, filth, heavy metals, hormonal substances, marine biotoxins, methods of analysis, microbiological contaminants, mycotoxins, nitrates and nitrites, other chemicals, pesticide residues, and veterinary drugs residue.


The cosmetics module covers regulations on additives, ingredients, packaging, and standards.


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