HorizonScan and Food Fraud Database – the Perfect Tool Combination

FoodChainID and Decernis offer a unique suite of technology-based solutions that provide unmatched visibility into the global supply chain, enabling food companies to instantly identify biological, chemical, physical and food fraud threats to their products and ingredients.


HorizonScan by FeraScience

Used by many of the world’s top food companies to reduce recall risk and manage supply chain and supplier risks, HorizonScan is the world’s most comprehensive database of food safety and quality incident reports:

  • Commodities tracked
  • Countries of origin
  • Official data sources
  • Suppliers tracked
  • Searchable records
  • Customizable email alerts

Food Fraud Database


The Decernis Food Fraud Database collects and standardizes information on intentionally altered food and beverages to directly support your hazard analysis and vulnerability assessment. This is the premier tool for tracking publicly documented fraud risk through the creation of customized ingredient groups. Capabilities include:

  • 4 record types: Incident (actually happened), Inference (likely to occur), Surveillance (sample/testing within geographic locations) and Method (analytical method for authentication or detection).
  • Over 11,000 global records
  • Supports compliance with GFSI and FSMA
  • Customizable dashboard and email alerts
  • Save searches and ingredient groups
  • Ability to submit new ingredients to the system
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