Understanding and Combating Spice Fraud

Webinar: Understanding and Combating Spice Fraud

4/15/202012:00pm EDT1 hour

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Spices are among the most frequently adulterated foods worldwide, often creating a public health risk. Detecting spice adulteration can be difficult because of the large number of spices that are used in food production and because of the many ways that adulteration can occur. This webinar will present an overview of the nature and extent of the problem and will introduce examples of solutions that involve both targeted and non-targeted approaches to detecting adulteration. The role of public standards, such as those in the Food Chemicals Codex, in protecting ingredient integrity and combating spice adulteration will be described.

This webinar is presented by
Karen Everstine, PhD, Senior Manager Scientific Affairs, Decernis
Tongtong Xu, Ph.D., Associate Scientific Liaison, Food Chemicals Codex
Steven M. Gendel, Ph.D., Senior Director of Food Science, Food Chemicals Codex