Food Labelling Requirements in Saudi Arabia

Market Entry Reports

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The Market Entry Report on Food Labelling Requirements in Saudi Arabia updates on the new requirements enforced this year (2019) in Saudi Arabia with the adoption of the new Saudi FDA Technical Regulations replacing GSO regulations. Changes impact the following aspects of food products sold in Saudi Arabia:
– Mandatory information to consumers such as Expiration Dates;
– Nutrition Declaration;
– Content of Trans fatty acids;
– Requirements for salt Content in food products;
– Front of Pack Labelling and proposal of a Traffic Light System.
The Market Entry Report in Food Labelling Requirements includes 4 sections: 1) Mandatory and voluntary information to consumers on food labels, 2) Ingredients declaration including requirements for allergens, fats and GMO declaration, 3) Nutrition Declaration including all new requirements introduced by Saudi FDA Techincal Regulation 2233/2018, explanation and examples for the new format required, list of tolerance levels and rounding rules, all new mandatory information required in the nutrition facts. 4) Claims, including conditions to use Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims and other marketing claims such as Healthy, Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free and Halal.

The reports help business operators in identifying the new requirements impacting their food products exported to Saudi Arabia and include English translation of core requirements extracted from relevant Saudi regulations and circulars, now only available in Arabic.



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