Intelligence-gathering solution using big data analytics providing insights and trend analysis that impact compliance requirements, enable market access, and increase speed to market for your products through the automatically monitoring and tracking of global events and regulations.

What challenges must I face tomorrow with new draft requirements or developments in the marketplace? How do I manage change? These are fundamental challenges for manufacturers and processors. How do I gain as much time as possible for advocacy and if I need to reformulate? How can I take advantage of opportunities and avoid delays? Using Decernis’ patented “Horizon Scanning” technology, your business can proactively monitor regulatory changes that affect your products.

Decernis Praedixi is able to provide emerging issues insights; a personal and real-time solution for daily and global monitoring including:

  • Significant developments and hot topics
  • Proposed and final regulatory notifications
  • Scientific opinions
  • Market developments and consumer trends
  • Product recalls
  • Warning announcements
  • Issue Management
  • Translations of summaries in Analytics


The sources of information for Decernis Praedixi include our expert editorial team, direct feeds of information from our governmental partners, and automation. Decernis Praedixi is a Big Data Analytics solutions that scans official journals, scientific developments, social media and NGO’s at over 1,200 pages per minute and cross-references developments against a Lexicon of 5 million terms across 40 languages and over 200 countries. Decernis summarizes over 2,500 regulatory and scientific events per day. Our patented technology can easily enable you to monitor developments in a customized way for your entire product and ingredient portfolio, and for the topics of concern to your business.

Regulatory insight and vision
Enable market access
Increase speed to market