gComply provides the current, necessary, and relevant global knowledge and regulatory library to determine the compliance status of your products, components, materials, ingredients and/or substances.

A powerful web-based regulatory reference database providing access to over 90,000 regulations across 207 countries, allowing you to scan applicable requirements relevant to your business or products.

Using over 5 million terms across 40 languages, gComply is updated monthly, providing you a user friendly searching and cross-referencing tool at your fingertips. Customizable with your own private library of data, documents, and customer standards.

With gComply you have the ability to:

  • Search and find applicable regulations and amendments in identified countries or regions relevant to your products
  • Search for specific criteria in particular regulations
  • Find regulatory updates or changes with ease
  • Quickly review a variety of regulations applicable to an individual ingredient or substance
  • English translations of important regulations available

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