Market Entry Reports – comprehensive information at your fingertips

A growing number of international regulations can make market entry in new countries a challenge. The Decernis Market Entry Reports are a helpful resource for our clients who want to get started quickly in a region or country without doing extensive regulation searches. Our Subject Matter Experts provide you with essential information about the regulatory framework to enable entry into new markets in convenient reports.

Market Entry Reports Food Imports and Food Labelling

The Market Entry Reports in Food Labelling Requirements include 4 sections:

1) Mandatory and voluntary information to consumers on food labels

2) Ingredients declaration including requirements for allergens, fats and GMO declaration

3) Nutrition Declaration rules

4) Claims, including conditions to use Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims and other marketing/descriptive claims such as Healthy, Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free and Halal.


Countries covered are

Asia/Pacific: Australia, Brunei, China, Fiji Islands, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam

MEA: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE

Europe: EU, France, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, Turkey

LATAM: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mercosur, Mexico

North America: Canada, USA


We are adding Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh shortly.


Market Entry Reports Food Contaminants

These are Market Entry Reports which describe the requirements for food pesticide limits to be sold into a particular country. Some market entry reports are detailing the specific pesticide requirements for commodities and food products to include the regulatory authority responsible for establishing thresholds, default limits, deferral policies and commodities of concern.

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