Supply-chain compliance management solution, providing your business a workflow and process for purchasing materials and managing supplier data with greater transparency, accuracy, and speed.

The Decernis Supply Chain Management solution provides you a simplified auditable automated process to collect, manage, and verify supplier compliance documentation to ensure your products meet regulatory, market, or customer requirements across your supply chain.

The Decernis Supply Chain Management solution provides you:

  • Automated supplier questionnaire management
  • Actionable and collaborative product, component, and material acceptance workflow
  • A secure document repository to organize and manage compliance documents for individual chemicals, materials, ingredients, or products
  • Provide an archive of compliance data and processes to support auditing
  • User friendly compliance reporting system
  • Accessible by your business and multi-tiered supply chain
  • Global harmonization across multiple locations

Decernis Supply Chain Management can also synchronize with all Decernis solutions to provide you with one seamless solution to manage and control your products and supply chains.

Fast and easy collection of supplier data
Automated data management
Verification of supplier compliance